Special Taste

All bottled water is not created equal and what makes our water special is its taste.

The combination of the high silica content, low minerality, and softness of the water sourced from this ancient aquifer, means that it is light on the palate and easy to consume.

Discerning consumers not only taste, but can also feel the superior quality of the water from this multi-award winning aquifer.

The four most important measures of mineral water quality are :


A healthy human body has a pH of 7.4. Our artesian mineral water has a pH of 7.2, making it ideal for providing optimal hydration.


The nitrate level of water provides an indication of potential contamination. With a very low nitrate level of 0.061 mg/l, the purity of our water is considered to be superior by international standards.


The hardness of water is measured by the calcium and magnesium content. The hardness of our water is 13 mg/l which makes it one of the softest waters in the world, 20 times softer than the leading French bottled water brand.


The level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in mineral water is a measure of the mineral content of the water. Low levels of the right minerals enhance the well being benefits of the water. Our water has a TDS level of 140 mg/litre, which is classified as low; mineral waters with high minerality have a TDS exceeding 1500 mg/litre and are deemed to be lower quality.